Bingo ABC

ABC Bingo Evaluation

Bingo is the key word when it comes to ABC Bingo’s online casino, if such a thing is even possible. We’re not convinced by early impressions, primarily because the landing page seems to be focused directly towards what we’ll refer to as the ‘bingo crowd.’ If it is not an overly broad generalization about who would likely visit a bingo website.

In terms of style, it’s quite typical of the UK bingo website market—with URL, we can confidently presume it’s aimed at British players. Fluffy, inviting, almost cartoonish, the pinky-red tones and light blues strongly suggest a female-oriented customer, though that may be a little presumptuous.

Still, we can only go by our instincts, and the gut here is that there is some high-quality bingo to be had, since the aesthetics seem to be highly polished and modern. Even when seen on an older Mac with arthritic limbs and a poor eye, the landing page loaded quickly and the attractively curved boxes were appealing to the eye, even if we are only seeing things through a veil of cataracts and ugliness.

Menus That Are Not Visible

Apart from digressions and health issues, if there is one immediate critique, it is that the website’s menus are a bit concealed. While they do utilize wonderful handwritten fonts, having them stashed away in small letters in the upper right hand corner of the page does no one any favors and gives the impression that this site is only dedicated to bingo.

Indeed, it does not, yet the most of the front page is devoted to bingo news. From the top, scroll down to find thumbnails for the various games available, none of which include a description of what they are, and a Bingo Schedule complete with a winnings ticker, so you can see what kind of numbers people are walking away with in terms of cash, as well as when new bingo games are starting up.

However, You Said It Isn’t Just Bingo!

That is incorrect. Check the upper right – you know, the area we complained about being difficult to see – and you’ll also discover a slot choice. We’ve seen others attempt to combine a bingo concentration with a secondary offering of full-service casino, and although this is admirable in some respects, the difference is rather noticeable. Simply said, the target audiences are fundamentally different, and those searching for a full-service casino are unlikely to be satisfied with the aesthetics of a bingo website, while those looking for bingo entertainment are unlikely to be interested in serious video poker.

Unfortunately, we now have something that makes considerably more sense—combining the pure enjoyment of bingo with the similarly innocent enjoyment of slot machines. The main issue is if ABC Bingo excels at slot machines, since this will imply the difference between the slot area being a waste of space and truly providing a function.


The good thing is that when you click on the Slots, you are instantly led to a page with an alphabet-based sort/search box. Here would indicate that there is a complete alphabetical listing of slot titles, but this is also where things get a bit unclear. This is why.

Blackjack, baccarat, and deuces are the first games that load in this area. All of them are card games, and they are the kind of card games you would often find at a full-service casino. Our prior argument about keeping things focused on the enjoyable aspect of online gambling is now obsolete. Similarly, it highlights the whole idea about bingo websites adding unnecessary features. Not only are you unlikely to be in this digital neighborhood for anything other than bingo, but the developers have neglected to indicate that you can play cards on the loading page, increasing the likelihood that visitors will navigate away to another website in search of dealer-based entertainment (that’s card dealer, not any other type).

Continuing With The Bingo

Click on Bingo – once again under that difficult-to-find part in the upper right-hand corner of the screen – and you’ll be led to a portion of the site dedicated to what you’re probably certainly here for: Bingo!

The bingo schedule takes up the majority of the screen and displays the remaining time in each game, the cost of a card, and the current top winner, along with their winnings. Everything is done in real time, which not only contributes to the authenticity (obviously), but also creates a feeling of urgency to participate. Alternatively, it assists you in avoiding plunging into a game that is all but done.

In terms of alternatives, we’ve seen better and more varied— ABC Bingo now only offers 90 Ball, 75 Ball, and 5 Line games, which is a bummer. Nonetheless, they are all really engaging and delightful, so there are no complaints about the quality.

Three for the Price of a Pound

Promotions have developed into the lifeblood of the online gambling industry, assisting carbon copy websites in distinguishing themselves from their competitors and attracting new players. ABC Bingo, it must be noted, shines in this area. You’ll earn a bonus simply for joining up, 10% cashback, a referral incentive, and, weirdly, the chance to win a whole year’s supply of school supplies.